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Cyber Planet

Cyber Planet
By:"Brett Herrmann"
Published on 2016-09-15 by Xlibris Corporation

After the mysterious disappearance of her parents, eight-year-old Hadley Meadows was left behind in a building the world didn’t know about. However, this building had groundbreaking technology within that gave Hadley a chance to do almost anything. Hadley would inherit the DimensionCast, a revolutionary pod shaped supercomputer that puts her in a sleep like state, then with the aid of her brain, constructs a virtual world she can inhabit and manipulate at her own will. This virtual reality, called the Pseudoplex, became her digital cosmos that housed all of the content she would go on to create. Hadley spent so much time in the Pseudoplex that she no longer identified with the outside world. Using her ever refining creative abilities, she constructed a virtual body for herself to manifest. She called it her avatar, and used it to substitute her own identity within the Pseudoplex. She named her avatar Animi, leaving behind her birth name for the real world. Hadley was an isolated daughter of missing parents, but when she laid in her DimensionCast and entered the Pseudoplex as Animi, she became a creator. She built cities, mountain ranges, forests, and towns in her Pseudoplex, and eventually filled those places with artificial intelligence that resembled other people. Animi called these people NPCs, and their artificial intelligence became more advanced, further immersing Animi into the world that she had built. Years later, Animi and her NPCs had put together an entire planet within the Pseudoplex that they could coexist on. This virtual planet was named Swisaril, and it would develop an economy, politics, laws, cultures, and celebrities. Now, Hadley is twenty-six, and she still feels like something is missing. She could still sense the twinge of loneliness in her head, even though she was the creator of an entire cyber planet. She desired something new and exciting that was random; an unknown variable to bring a new perspective to Swisaril. With plenty of research, she found a twenty-four-year-old potential filled but talent squandered man by the name of Milo Hodge. Hadley saw Milo’s capacity to do great things, but knew he would never reach that capability under his current circumstances. So, she used her resources to track Milo down and bring him into her digital world. It didn’t take long for Milo to hop into the Pseudoplex once Hadley introduced him to his very own DimensionCast. Milo was assigned an avatar, which he named Creo, and just like Hadley, took that as his identity as long as he was in the Pseudoplex. Animi makes it clear that she wants Creo to become a creator just like her, and use his potential to build off her already great creation. As Creo grows alongside Animi, he will learn about her past as the answers slowly trickle into view. With this planet full of values, civilizations, and surprises, there are many lessons that both Animi and Creo must learn together. The Pseudoplex is where minds and machines merge, where evolution is digital, and where imagination becomes reality. Step inside and synchronize.

This Book was ranked 31 by Google Books for keyword oris.

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